I hear it about once a week-- mostly from the local furs: "you need to cut your hair and tame that rat's nest of a beard."

I don't know, though. I'm rather attached to both of them. Each has been growing for over three years now. In that time, the beard's gotten one trim. I'm almost to the point where I can't imagine what I'd look like without them anymore.

When folks jokingly tell me I need to get my hair and beard groomed, I always joke back, asking "What's in it for me?" Then, a friend of mine countered the question with an offer:

Locks of Love is a charity that takes human hair and makes it into wigs for children that have lost their own hair either to disease or the effects of chemo therapy. Thinking she was joking, I told her that if I cleared out at least half the boxes in the liquidation, I'd go under the shears-- and even get my beard trimmed. A few minutes later, she Paypal'd over an order and began talking to other friends who had grown into critics of my biker look over the years.

When I began the liquidation, I had a count of 44 boxes in stock-- making the target number 22 boxes. I'll keep a running tab of the boxes in stock, and update it when I make page updates and consolidate the boxes.

It's a good cause, and I'm sure there's a child out there who could use the hair more than I can, so I accepted the challenge. I'm still not sure exactly where the actual shearing will happen if the goal is reached. It's been suggested to make it an "event" at an upcoming convention (this friend has even thought of asking con staff about letting Locks Of Love come in a day and set up a "hair-raiser"-- since long hair and males are a common sight in fandom), but that's still in negotiation. However, I will hold true to the deal. If the number of boxes of books I have when I leave for Anthrocon are at 22 or less-- chop chop.

The current box count is 33 boxes in stock-- 11 boxes to the goal.